Sale of business

Comprehensive advice at every stage
of the sale process

With its wide market reach and direct access to key decision-makers, Advance Capital allows sellers to cover the most comprehensive range of likely active buyers.

Utilizing our corporate finance expertise we help our clients to identify and highlight key selling points of a business and advise them on optimal positioning in any market environment.

Vast majority of failed transactions fall apart during the due diligence process or in negotiations on legal documentation. Advance Capital’s expertise in covering these stages of a transaction greatly improves probability of success and maximizes value for our client.


  • Access to a broad list of likely potential buyers
  • Preparation of a marketing deck
  • Development and validationof a financial model
  • Negotiations with buyers
  • Managing data room and coordination of due diligence
  • Coordination of negotiations on legal documents and completion

Capital raising

Assistance in selecting the optimal type
of capital raising (debt, equity, mezzanine, etc.) and structure, comprehensive advice throughout the capital raising process

At a certain development stage, any business may face the task of raising additional capital, which its existing shareholders and lenders are not in a position to provide.

Depending on the size and goals of capital raising, individual constraints of a particular project as well as business performance and markets conditions, Advance Capital can assist management and business owners in selecting an optimal form of financing, defining a list of potential investors and successfully closing the transaction on the best terms the market can offer.


Equity financing

Picking the right investor can be crucial in unlocking growth potential of a business. A successful choice will not only provide the capital to fund future development, but can bring to the table various benefits further enhancing growth and capitalization of a business: from new clients and revenue sources to best practices in corporate governance and access to international capital markets.


But even with the right choice, one has to structure the deal properly, to avoid damaging shareholder value in complex legal constructions or laying foundation for potential shareholder conflicts.


With Advance Capital at your side you will be able to select the most suitable investor and close the transaction on terms beneficial for you and your business.

Debt financing

Debt is the most widely used form of financing and is available to most businesses. With its longstanding relations with Russian and international lenders, Advance Capital can help you streamline the process of debt raising and will assist you with preparation of documents for lenders, negotiations with the creditors and analysis of credit terms.

Fundraising for transactions (LBO / MBO)

Businesses or management might not always have sufficient funds to finance their M&A transactions. Moreover, cost of debt financing is usually lower than cost of equity financing. Financing acquisition with debt may enhance probability of success and improve return on equity.

Buy-side advisory

Target search and selection, advising buyers throughout the acquisition process.

Growth through acquisitions may provide buyers with multiple advantages, from outpacing competition in a rapidly growing environment, to acquiring unique sector expertise, cost savings, extending product and services range or simply strengthening the buyer’s competitive position.

With its long-standing relationships with a broad spectrum of key players across majority of sectors, Advance Capital can help you put together the most exhaustive lists of potential targets. Access to decision-makers allows us to reach out to selected targets and get relevant feedback. IMAP further enhances our capability providing our clients with local reach on a global scale outside of Russia and the CIS.

Deep corporate finance expertise and a strong track record of completed transactions puts Advance Capital in a position to identify the main risks related to selected targets and conduct negotiations to achieve optimal outcome for the buyer.


  • Long-listing of acquisition targets
  • Initial contact and preliminary negotiations with the targets
  • Financial modelling, value analysis and evaluation of potential synergy
  • Coordination of the due diligence process
  • Deal structuring and drafting/negotiation of non-binding offers
  • Advising to buyers in negotiation on legally binding documents

Joint ventures

Search for optimal JV partners and comprehensive advice throughout the process of establishing a joint venture

Establishing a joint venture with the right partner often helps a business to significantly boost its growth, enter new markets, or undertake an ambitious project, which would not be possible based on the company’s own resources only.

Access to a broad spectrum of key players across many sectors enables Advance Capital to identify the most fitting candidates for a joint venture. A joint venture might be the optimal way to enter a new geographical market, and with its international presence through IMAP, Advance Capital opens up unique opportunities for expansion to its clients.

A vital task in negotiating a joint venture is to agree on such terms, which would work toward achieving the stated goals and prevent conflicts between the partners. With Advance Capital’s rich expertise in advising on joint ventures at your disposal, you can be confident that negotiations will be effective and professional, ensuring that your best interests are protected in the transaction.


  • Identifying fitting joint venture partners
  • Advice on transaction structuring
  • Negotiating key commercial terms
  • Coordination of negotiations on legally binding documents


Integrated advisory throughout business restructuring process

In periods of changing market conditions, many companies face the necessity to change their operational or financing models. These changes may range from debt restructuring, optimization of organizational structure to more drastic measures such as spinning off or divesting certain business segments.

Advance Capital assists its clients in developing a restructuring strategy according to relevant market conditions and business performance, and subsequently agreeing the strategy with all of the stakeholders, including shareholders, lenders, key partners and top management.

Advance Capital’s extensive expertise in business sale helps us to identify the most marketable assets and potential buyers, maximising proceeds from the sale of non-core segments, while our understanding of lenders’ requirements and our negotiations skills enable our clients to form a viable restructuring plan and agree it with the creditors.


  • Restructuring planning
  • Assistance in agreeing the restructuring plan with stakeholders
  • Preparation of discussion materials and negotiations with the lenders
  • Financial modelling and restructuring-related analysis
  • Advising on sale of non-core assets
  • Coordination of negotiations on legally binding documents