Advance Capital announces closing of the sale of communication platform Jivo to Sber

13 Aug
/ 2021

Advance Capital is pleased to announce the completion of the sale of Jivo, a communication platofrm, to Sber.

Sber acquired a 100% stake in the company, while the founders are going to keep their positions within Jivo: Timur Valishev as CEO, and Nikolai Ivannikov as CTO.

Jivo is an omnichannel application for customer support and online sales. Within one single platform, the app combines a chat with lead aggregation; client communication via messengers, applications, social networks, e-mail, phone calls and SMS; chat-bots with built-in CRM; as well as integrations with popular analytical systems, CMS, and CRM.

According to BuiltWith, the statistics service, as of 2021 Jivo took up more than 50% of the Russian market and was the third most popular customer-communication app worldwide with more than 270,000 sites using it.


Timur Valishev, founder and CEO of Jivo:

“We are happy with the opportunities that Sber ecosystem gives us. Now we can both strengthen integration into other Sber products and continue developing our service in Russia and globally. During our cooperation with Sber we have already launched integration with SberMarket and planned some important and useful updates for B2B clients. I am sure that our success as a part of Sber will be greater than as a standalone business.”


Lev Khasis, First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Sber:

“I would like to thank the highly professional Jivo team for fast and efficient resolution of all the issues, which had arised during the integration. Thanks to a mutual understanding, Jivo was organically integrated into our ecosystem and is already creating value for thousands of Sber clients. As the market leader, Jivo communication platform is popular not only in Russia, but also worldwide. I believe that combination of our efforts will ensure even greater possibilities and will open up new horizons for various companies in the Sber ecosystem.”


Dmitry Kasyanenko, Managing Director at Advance Capital:

“Jivo is a great example of a successful business case in Russia. This company was built without investor funds, was focused on profitability and has become an undisputed leader in Russia as well as in the number of foreign countries. We were extremely happy to help shareholders of Jivo in finding the most suitable strategic partner.”

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