Financial Advisory

Non-public mid-cap companies often have no internal corporate finance department. In this case, corporate finance functions are usually dispersed among many units, which results in longer time to complete a task, and increases the risk of making incorrect administrative decisions.

Advance Capital offers its clients a full range of services of an in-house corporate finance consultant from the development of a business plan to preparation of the company for an IPO.

Pre-IPO Advisory

Often companies that choose an initial public offering (IPO) as an option for a source of funding, face a number of issues but lack the necessary experience to address. To address these issues, it is necessary to involve an independent advisor.

We clarify that Advance Capital acts strictly as an advisor to companies that consider raising capital via an IPO, and by no means compete with investment banks / underwriters. Our recommendations may save our client time, and prevent a wide range of issues related to an IPO, including the work with banks and conducting placement of shares to investors.

As an independent advisor, Advance Capital provides the following services:

  • Development of optimal corporate structure;
  • Optimization of legal structure;
  • Organization of a tender among investment banks;
  • Coordination of work with auditors, lawyers and other advisors;
  • Participation in the preparation of documents for the offering, including information memorandum.
Our professionals participated in the initial public offerings of major Russian companies, particularly of one of Russia’s largest vodka producers Synergy (transaction value - USD190 million); the largest agricultural holding Razgulay (initial public offering amounted to USD144 million, followed by two secondary offerings of USD70 million and USD295 million); the leading baby food producer Nutritek (USD200 million)

Pre-Private Placement Advisory

To attract a strategic or financial investor, a company must meet a number of stringent requirements. The process of preparing the company for such a transaction can last up to a year.

As an advisor to the company that seeks to attract a strategic or financial investor, Advance Capital offers the following services:

  • Development of an action plan to enhance business transparency, improve corporate governance, and increase capitalization of the company;
  • Advice on corporate restructuring of the company or group of companies;
  • Legal and financial analysis of the company;
  • Development of medium- and long-term strategy to involve a strategic investor;
  • Identification of target strategic or financial investors;
  • Preparation of information memorandum for distribution to a selected list of potential investors;
  • Construction of long-term financial model with a summary of share and company valuations;
  • Organization of a tender among interested strategic investors;
  • Analysis of proposals from potential investors, preparation of a term sheet and exclusivity agreements with a likely investor;
  • Organization of financial and legal due diligence of the company;
  • Negotiations of the transaction structure and necessary amendments to the legal structure of the company;
  • Preparation of share purchase agreement and other supplementary agreements;
  • Organization of settlements, and closing of transaction.


In restructuring projects, our main goal is to lift the burden of financial distress off the companies, and at the same time help their investors and creditors to develop and implement effective measures in financial recovery, debt restructuring and preservation of business.

A solution to creditor claims may be reached if the company actively pursues a restructuring. The management of the company on its own often fails to develop and implement a plan to resolve its financial obligations. As a result, both shareholders and creditors need a consultant, who would equally consider interests of both parties to give an optimal restructuring solution. Furthermore, introducing a consultant at an early stage may avert the escalation of funding problem and minimize a possible negative impact on the business.

We start our work with a detailed analysis of the company. We pay special attention to development of financial models and analysis of all possible scenarios that caused the problems, assess cash flow projections, review structure of assets, liabilities, working capital and other financial indicators.

We then create a step by step restructuring plan, taking into account potential scenarios of the development of the situation, and implement the plan, coordinating interaction between all parties.

We distinguish five basic points that are keystones to the best results in restructuring projects:

  1. Valuation: Our experience allows us to perform an independent professional analysis, and fairly evaluate assets when making decisions to allocate or sell them during the restructuring.
  2. M&A Transactions in Restructuring: Combining the experience of restructuring and M&A, we strive to maximize the value of companies in the restructuring.
  3. Negotiations: we can effectively negotiate on a range of issues involving:
    • amending the terms of borrowing due to violation of covenants;
    • obtaining new loans to resolve the problem;
    • assisting on the options of transactions that may bring the company’s balance sheet into healthy condition.
  4. Coordination of Interaction between Borrowers, Creditors and Board of Directors: We advise boards of directors of companies and their independent committees on strategic planning and attractive opportunities.
  5. Equity Financing: Along with negotiations with creditors to improve the terms of borrowing, we are able to attract funding from financial investors to refinance debt and boost business development further.

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